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"Severity" Is Not Dead — The Final Chapter

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yesterday we reported, via That Gaming Site, that the in-development FPS Severity had been canceled. It ain't. Part of me wants to take this story down altogether, because if the news is that a game is canceled, and that info turns out to be b.s., then the status quo is that the game is still in development and that is not news at all. But you're all owed an explanation. Here is what happened:1) On Sept. 3, That Gaming Site contacted John Romero, who originally announced the game about a year ago. TGS asked how the game was coming and if a release date had been set. 2) Romero told them this (verbatim):

From: [John Romero] To: [That Gaming Site] Subject: Re: About Severity Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 10:47:04 -0700 Yeah........ the game was canceled a while ago. I'm never going to announce a game that i'm not actually working on again. :) Sorry! John Romero

3) TGS published the story and tipped us and others. At least one other blog linked to it. 4) Tom Mustaine at developer Escalation Studios got in touch with TGS to say the project was in "stealth mode" and Romero wasn't in the loop on what was going on with it. Romero later wrote TGS to say this (verbatim)

From: [John Romero] To: [That Gaming Site] Subject: Re: Severity NOT canceled Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 17:03:45 -0700 Looks like it's in stealth mode after all. This is why publishing fan emails isn't a good idea. If I was going to make an official announcement I would have gotten you in touch with Escalation Studios. - John


5) I was contacted by both That Gaming Site and Mustaine at Escalation Studios, TGS to point out its own retraction and Mustaine to ask for one. My apologies to him and to Escalation. So, the bottom line, Severity is not canceled. Romero, despite being linked to the game from its inception, wasn't in a position to comment on it but, in our defense (and That Gaming Site's) didn't really let anyone know that. If you're reading the comments, bear in mind they could be based on inaccurate info we posted. This is all in the interest of FYI and transparency. Official: Severity NOT Canceled [That Gaming Site]