Serious Sam 2 Gets Massive Update 15 Years After Release

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Screenshot: Croteam

Croatian studio Croteam has partnered with independent developer Nathan “DwK” Brown to release a huge update to Serious Sam 2 today, more than a few years removed from the first-person shooter’s late 2005 launch.


“It’s been five billion years since the last proper update for Serious Sam 2,” Croteam explained on Steam. “In the meantime, we have released a bunch of games, but Serious Sam 2 was always creeping in the darkest corners of our minds. So much so that when the ol’ Nate, aka Nathan Brown, aka DwK, mentioned how he’d love to give Serious Sam 2 another chance, we jumped right onto the hype train.”

Brown is a longtime fan of the Serious Sam series and a prolific modder to boot. His expertise has resulted in a patch that significantly changes the classic Serious Sam 2 experience with two new guns, sprinting, dual-wielding, rocket-jumping, various upgrades to the game’s visuals and animations, and a radar that tracks enemies, NPCs, and objectives. The competition-minded will also be happy to learn there are a dozen more multiplayer maps to theoretically clash on as well.

“I hope that all that was done helps keep the game enjoyable for a long time to come,” Brown wrote in Croteam’s announcement. “If that works out, it was all worth it. Long live Serious Sam 2!”

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This is so awesome.  They basically hired a modder to release an official patch for their ancient game.  It would be awesome if more studios were open to this sort of thing, but it seems exceedingly rare.