Sell Your Crap in the Classifieds

To: Luke
From: Owen

I don't know when he got it, but my packrat brother Fletch stole a firetruck red easy chair recliner from the downstairs of our old home and, as far as I know, hasn't gotten it reupholstered. If it's the same one I remember, that thing was like sitting on the lap of a mangy Santa Claus.


For some reason Fletch discovered that above, on a newspaper wedged into the innards of the recliner. This paper is from 1974. So, not only are we talking about a porta-potty before there were porta-pottys as we know them, it was also "home made." And going for $90 in 1974, which adjusted for inflation is probably $250 now. This must have been one hell of a crapper.

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