Seize Control Of The Web Of Shadows Box Art

Following the whole "Seize Control" theme they kicked off by allowing fans to vote on the preorder bonus for Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows, Activision is now giving players a chance to decide which box art the game ships with this fall. The choices are limited to the left image, which is almost mildly appealing, and the right one, which for some reason makes Spidey's arms and hands into display monitors for concept art.


While you struggle between mildly pleasing and completely stupid covers, keep in mind the special message below the voting section on the website. "Activision shall not be bond by the outcome of the community vote and Activisions decision(s) and selection(s) shall be final and binding." So yeah, vote, but don't expect it to actually matter. Awesome.

Packaging Artwork Vote [Web of Shadows Official Site]

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