The good people at Sega want to make the most of the world's love of Twitter, so they're being vigilant about people who Tweet in the voices of their characters and they're trying to get blurbs about their games in front of people who are just searching for stuff...

You know, like if they're searching for "disgruntled shooter"...


Or maybe they're just looking for plain old "shooter"...

It seems that Sega's bought some of these trends and search terms on the popular Tweet-filtering program Tweetdeck, something that was first noticed by Talking Points Memo reporter Benjy Sarlin:


Oh, companies do this all the time, you might say. Yes, but this is Sega, one of gaming's most vexing entities. Who can explain why Sega does anything? Let's consider any possible methods for getting into their collective heads—to see how they think—as precious.

So let's see what they tell Tweetdeck users who, for some reason, search for "Sonic Shooter".


Or just "Sonic."


Sometimes companies clash, of course, and here we can see what happens when Verizon's interests stomp all over Sega's.

It looks like Verizon has locked up "Best."


But no one's grabbed this one? Weird!

And with that, I hope you have a slightly better understanding of the Sega video game company.

(Top image of Sega's Shadow the Hedgehog via