Sega Shying Away From Mature Wii Titles

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Poor sales of MadWorld and House of the Dead: Overkill shook Sega's resolve over mature titles for the Nintendo Wii, but it took an EA title to finally break the publisher's enthusiasm for releasing adult Wii titles.


In late June of last year, Sega was fully prepared to continue gambling on mature Wii titles. In an August interview, comments from Sega West boss Mike Hayes suggested a wavering resolve, indicating that while "hardcore" titles were still a possibility, they wouldn't necessarily be M for mature games. In the most recent edition of the 1UP podcast, Sega studio director Constantine Hantzopoulos says the publisher will "probably not" release further mature games for Nintendo's platform, thanks to EA's Dead Space Extraction.

"Look at Dead Space. We were stunned. That was my litmus test. Basically, it's like, okay, you got EA, who can put all the marketing muscle behind this, an established franchise that scored quite well on 360 and PS3. They should be able to actually hit this out of the park, right? We get numbers, real numbers aside from NPD, and I'm like, 'Woah'."

And that pretty much puts the final nail in the coffin for mature Wii games. With Dead Space Extraction selling only 9000 copies in the first month of release, it seems the message is clear - the market just isn't there.

More mature Wii games from SEGA unlikely [1UP Podcast via]



I can't say I am surprized, Nintendo never really focused on gamers this generation instead going after a new market.

Sure it is easy to blame the few attempts publishers have made to try to sell mature or even games towards traditional gamers on its consoles. If the Wii was more powerful then maybe the original Dead Space would be able to run on it instead these toned down seperate games or cartoony ports.

But for all the Wii's Nintendo has sold and for the console based on sales alone is supposedly the best this generation. Nintendo platforms can't seem to appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. The inability for Nintendo to develop a core gamer market on their consoles is something that may hurt them in the future.