Illustration for article titled Sega Gives The Wii One Last Shot Of The Old Ultra-Violence

Over the past couple of years, Sega bet big on the Wii's hardcore audience. Things didn't really pan out. Trying to wring one last sales surge out of their mature titles, then, Sega Australia will be releasing this triple pack.

Called "Welcome To Violence", Sega say it's "a pack no self-respecting Wii-owning Aussie bloke should be without". That's it, Sega. Threaten the big men's manhood. That'll get 'em kicking the kids off their party games for a spot of sub-par FPS action.


The pack includes Madworld, House of the Dead: Overkill and The Conduit, and will be going on sale for AUD$110. Since that's the recommended price for a new 360/PS3 game down here, the practical American equivalent is around $60.

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