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Sega And Platinum Games Join Forces

Illustration for article titled Sega And Platinum Games Join Forces

Platinum Games, the studio founded by former Capcom developer Clover, has apparently struck a deal with SEGA to publish three games. Those games are:

Bayonetta, directed by DMC creator Hideki Kamiya, and is described by the site’s correspondent as a “stylish action game” with “a witch battling angels”. Apparently she has guns on her feet.
• A science-fiction RPG for the DS called Infinite Line, where you play as a starship captain, customising your ship and crew.
• A Wii game called MadWorld.’s, “Black and white Sin City graphics, with red blood. Ultra ultra violent. Fatality moves like shoving a post through someone’s head. Chainsaw on your right arm.”


Wow! Three games — make that, three Platinum Games games. The page we are sourcing has been taken down, and the developer hasn't yet issued an official statement on the company's site of its English language Facebook page announcing these titles. So we'll mark this as a rumor for now. A really, really cool sounding one. Stay tuned!
Trio Of Games [videogaming247]

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guys youre getting me all wrong here! i loved clover.. okami and viewtiful joe were sick cool... but they were also clever. right off the bat, planet terror and evil dead were mentioned, which i totally agreed with. just i dunno sounds generic in this day and age, while viewtiful joe was DEFINITELY a change of pace compared to the games of the time.

i know suda51 isnt on the same level as mikami san, but i respect the mans flamboyancy, and was fairly hyped for no more heroes. once i played the game though, i was severely disappointed, i felt that there was no real depth or even just pure fun to the game, the only thing that stood out was the crude humor and over the top gore.. which doesnt do it for me.

im no fool, and will of course reserve final judgment for actually playing the games in question.. im just saying i didnt get excited by those descriptions. they sounded like cliche games for our time imo.

oh and i dont care who "develops" streets of rage 4, but ancient must DESIGN the game. if youre unfamiliar with ancient, yuzo koshiro and his sister did the music and character designs for the streets of rage series, and ancients their company. the team that worked on shinobi actually programmed and developed streets of rage.