If you're into video game music cover bands, get a good look at these vids โ€” you won't see either band at the Penny Arcade Expos this year.

The OneUps and The Megas performed a free concert for participants of the Bay Area Game Jam a couple of weeks back. Sadly, their audience was rather small because the 24 hour time limit was almost up and there was still coding to be done.

But if you missed the concert, or missed out on Game Jam altogether, hit the jump to see their live performances.

Watch The Megas Concert in Music | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Watch The OneUps in Music | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com


The OneUps are a crowd favorite, performing jazz improvisation of familiar tunes like the themes to ToeJam & Earl and arrangements of more obscure music in games like Castlevania III and Super Mario RPG. Check out their site here.


The Megas are a band that write songs exclusively about Mega Man. They've never been invited to PAX, but they've had a CD out for a little over a year and they have at least one dedicated fan who's developed dance routines for their songs โ€” so hopefully, we'll see more of them. Check 'em out here. (Oh, and their front man was out of the country during this concert โ€” give it up for Tour Ball and his amazing stand-in performance.)

The OnesUps' front man Mustin told me that the band wasn't given a reason why they weren't invited to PAX this year; but he did stress that their last two appearances had done a lot for the OneUps, so no sour grapes on their part. I couldn't get in touch directly with PAX organizers for comment on how they choose the lineup each year; but a PAX publicist told me that the organizers would announce this year's acts for both expos sometime soon. Stay tuned.