See The International Dota 2 Championships Live Here, or Watch them Via Steam

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The livestream for The International Dota 2 Championships is included in our roundup of feeds coming out of (or nearby) PAX 2012, but we're highlighting it here for you with a reminder that competition resumes at 12:30 p.m. EDT today with the semifinal rounds of the double-elimination tournament.


Valve, maker of the game and sponsor of the tournament, is hosting two feeds on this site (in Russian and Chinese, too), and also is offering a free Dota 2 Spectator Client for viewing on Steam. It allows you to view replays of prior contests in addition to multiple camera angles, player stats, and commentary.

Or you can check back in 90 minutes and watch it live from the feed below.

DOTA 2: The International (tournament).


Eh. Valve is doing everything they possibly can to force DotA 2 down the throats of the international gaming community. As decent a game as it is, the massive number of angry people and counter intuitive mechanics like denying are going to keep it from becoming a serious, longstanding competitive game.

That's my opinion of course, primarily based on what HoN and LoL already accomplished. Heroes of Newerth tried to be hardcore and adhere to the strict DotA formula, and as a result it was populated with the same kind of angry players who tell you to kill yourself from the very first match when you make a mistake and die. To this day I'm not sure how the company stays afloat given the abysmal size of it's player base.

Compare this to League of Legends, which was created from the ground up to be friendlier to players and spectators alike. And it's succeeded at introducing this genre to the entire world (instead of just the niche, hardcore gaming community that surrounded the Warcraft III original).

I'd like to see this game succeed, but I'm bothered by how little they're willing to change the DotA formula.