See The Eye-Popping Game of Thrones-Minecraft Project From Every Angle

Ever wanted to explore the world of Game of Thrones? Ever wanted to explore the world of Game of Thrones... in Minecraft?

I got this awesome photo (above) last night from the lovely people behind Westeroscraft, a project that sets out to re-create the entirety of Game of Thrones's gritty medieval world in blocky Minecraft fashion. Then, Kotaku video editor Chris Person put together a wonderful video to show off some of the project's other stunning photos. So I thought I'd round up all the cool stuff we've seen from Westeroscraft so far.


Westeros Minecraft Video

Courtesy our own Chris Person. Give it a watch!

You Must See These Stunning Photos Of Game of Thrones Set In Minecraft

This is truly unreal.
By now of course you've seen Kotaku's coverage of this tremendous project, which we've shown you several times before.
But it's hard not to be stunned by these new glamor shots from the Game of Thrones Minecraft project. More »


The Game of Thrones Minecraft Project Is Getting More And More Spectacular

Project lead Jacob Granberry has been cranking out videos of the project all month, and it's looking better than ever. More »


Game of Thrones Made Out of Minecraft Is A Jaw-Dropping Thing

You've already seen pictures of the tremendous Minecraft take on the world of Game of Thrones. Now there's full-on video coverage. Project lead Jacob Granberry sent over this new flythrough of the project, which is truly stunning both in scope and beauty. More »



These Guys Are Building All Of Game of Thrones In Minecraft

A crew of dedicated Game of Thrones fans has set out to re-create their own Minecraft version of the series' detailed fantasy world.
Project lead Jacob Granberry sent over a whole bunch of awesome pictures from the re-creation, although he says some are outdated. More »


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