Game of Thrones Made Out of Minecraft Is A Jaw-Dropping Thing

You've already seen pictures of the tremendous Minecraft take on the world of Game of Thrones. Now there's full-on video coverage.


Project lead Jacob Granberry sent over this new flythrough of the project, which is truly stunning both in scope and beauty. I kind of want to live there.

Game of Thrones in Minecraft (Tour of Westeros) [YouTube]


Jason, I don't think you want to live in Westeros, Minecrafty or not. That's a real dangerous place to be! Yes, there are breasts aplenty, but with them come daggers and spies and undead. In the Minecraft version of Westeros, you don't have to deal with Wights, you have Creepers. Far worse.

Westeros is a very, very unhappy place to live. :O