The Game of Thrones Minecraft Project Is Getting More And More Spectacular

By now you must be familiar with WesterosCraft, the long-running (and long-insane) project to reconstruct the entire world of Game of Thrones on a single Minecraft server.


Project lead Jacob Granberry has been cranking out videos of the project all month, and it's looking better than ever. Here are some of the team's creations:


Best known as the castle where Stannis Baratheon rules, Dragonstone is an old-school Valyrian creation that's chock full of dragon-themed rooms and furniture.

Castle Black

Situated next to the gigantic, icy Wall, Castle Black is home of Jon Snow and the rest of the Night's Watch, who protect the North from spooky things.



Pyke is the castle of House Greyjoy, best known as "a bunch of dicks."

The Eyrie

Crazy old Lysa Arryn lives here along with her son, crazy young Robert.

The Sunspear Water Gardens

The lovely, private palace where the princes of Dorne spend most of their vacation time.

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