See One Piece Voice Actors Bring Luffy And Usopp To Life

Luffy’s voice actress Mayumi Tanaka and Usopp’s voice actor Kappei Yamaguchi recently suited up in motion-tracking gear. Hijinks ensued.


This wasn’t for the anime, but rather, the idea was to turn Luffy and Usopp into virtual YouTubers.


It’s wild to see them not only do the character’s voices but to have them also do their gestures.

Tanaka and Yamaguchi joke around, re-enact famous scenes and play charades.

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Y’know, it’s nice to see folks who genuinely enjoy their work getting to genuinely enjoy their work.

I sometimes worry that the tendency to call anything that appears to be genuine, earnest, or evocative of any emotional state apart from a sort of hipster-esque “ironic” detachment “cringe-worthy” is stunting our ability to take joy in the joy of others.

Clearly, that’s not the case for these two!  Here’s hoping they continue to enjoy their work--and lives--as much as they appear to be here!