The Hazard Of Being A Virtual Character On YouTube

[Image: のらきゃっとチャンネル]
[Image: のらきゃっとチャンネル]

This is the year that virtual anime girls have invaded YouTube. If there’s one hazard of being a virtual anime girl YouTuber, it’s the chance that a tech snafu will reveal that you are, in fact, not an anime girl.


Norakyatto, a virtual anime cat girl YouTuber, was among those Kotaku featured last month.

But as Girls Channel and Afternoon News report, a glitch in a recent Norakyatto stream revealed the person behind the virtual anime girl for a brief second, with a tweet of the incident going viral.

This image has been edited. [Image: 情報速報ドットコム]
This image has been edited. [Image: 情報速報ドットコム]

On Twitter, some joked that this was just “the producer,” implying that he was separate from the virtual anime girl. Others noted that this wasn’t a surprise, and they were actually relieved to learn that Norakyatto was an older dude.

You can subscribe to Norakyatto’s channel right here.

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Isn’t it the age old rule of internet that nobody’s really a girl/woman who is using a female avatar on internet? ;)