See Mecha Pac-Man and Fat Mega Man Beat Ass Galore in Street Fighter X Tekken

We've known for a while that Kuro and Toro, the Sony cat mascots, would find their way into Street Fighter X Tekken. Also, Cole McGrath from inFamous. The inclusion of classic (i.e. shitty) box art Mega Man and Pac-Man also weren't much of a mystery, but their appearance is confirmed in this video, along with the full terms of their inclusion in the Capcom/Namco fighting team-up.


All these characters will be exclusive fighters for, naturally, the game's PS3 and PS Vita versions. Pac-Man, as you can see, sits atop some kind of mecha-suit, and Mega Man, well, lets just say he looks well past his fighting prime in 1987. At least the costume still fits.


Street Fighter X Tekken arrives March 6 in North America, March 8 in japan, March 9 in Europe.

[h/t Tommie S.]

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This is horrible. Sony's exclusivity, which they probably paid a hefty sum to secure, basically amounts to a pack of the worst extra characters ever. An iconic video game character who looks very un-iconic (Megaman), one of the blandest video game characters ever conceived (Infamous skinhead), two Japanese cartoon cats and Pac Man (when did Pac Man become relevant again? Oh that's right, he hasn't).

Give me PS3 exclusives like Jin, Eddie Gordo, Akuma and Sakura, then you'll get me to raise an eyebrow.