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See Mecha Pac-Man and Fat Mega Man Beat Ass Galore in Street Fighter X Tekken

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've known for a while that Kuro and Toro, the Sony cat mascots, would find their way into Street Fighter X Tekken. Also, Cole McGrath from inFamous. The inclusion of classic (i.e. shitty) box art Mega Man and Pac-Man also weren't much of a mystery, but their appearance is confirmed in this video, along with the full terms of their inclusion in the Capcom/Namco fighting team-up.


All these characters will be exclusive fighters for, naturally, the game's PS3 and PS Vita versions. Pac-Man, as you can see, sits atop some kind of mecha-suit, and Mega Man, well, lets just say he looks well past his fighting prime in 1987. At least the costume still fits.

Street Fighter X Tekken arrives March 6 in North America, March 8 in japan, March 9 in Europe.


[h/t Tommie S.]