See Diablo III's Artisan In Action

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So, Diablo III has a new crafting feature, the Artisan. This video shows how he works, brining some much-needed apron to the Monk's sandy robes.


I'd tell you more, but as a Diablo novice, I think the voice-over from Blizzard's Jay Wilson in the clip below does a better job than I could ever manage.


Fernando Jorge

So great that they are showing the damage per second on the weapon. I hope they do this for spells too. Also, a gem that increases cast rate, that's bad ass.

Okay some interesting stuff in the video:

Shield had "Block Ammount" stat, what do you suppose that'll be? I'd like if the defense actually served to decrease damage taken, I never liked too much how defense worked in D2.

There was a "Will Power" stat that some armor increased. Anybody knows what that'll be?