No Console Version Of Diablo III Planned

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Right now, there's a PC version of Diablo III planned. A Mac version, too. But consoles? According to Blizzard, as of August 2010, there are no plans for a console version of the game.


At a Q&A session earlier today, Blizzard's Jay Wilson took to the podium to answer a bunch of questions, and that was one of them. Sorry, PS3 and 360 owners. Then again, the game probably won't be out until 2016, there's plenty of time for Blizzard to develop some plans!

The rest of the session was taken up with a discussion of some of Diablo III's new features, including the new "artisan" characters and the fact there'll be a hardcore mode: as in, if you die, you really die, and no matter how far into the game you are, that's it.



Really?! You don't want to see Diablo "compromised". I thought Blizzard was the end all be all. They sure have enough financial resources to make an excellent console version of Diablo. I think the game would definitely be more suited than WOW or Starcraft or....what else do they make?

I think the response to my comments above would actually include why I most likely won't play Diablo, mouse controls. I found out about myself after trying to play Torchlight over the weekend that clicking all over the place is not my idea of fun. There (for me) is far to much room for error when you are aiming with a mouse in a game like this. Add scrolling all around and clicking like mad to both attach and gather loot = pain for this poor baby. D-pad/Analog stick is so much easier for me, but then again I guess that could just be me, I'm not a hardcore PC guy.

...Sorry I just can't get over how people are "Happy" that Diablo won't be on other platforms. I don't get it, at least not in this case. What world do some people live in? What do you think would happen if they decided to make it for would dilute if for PC?! Come on, this is Blizzard not Game Bros Santa Montica(oh crap, I gotta patent that).

Also, I do not want to die people, please, so don't kill me over this. I'm just having a hard time getting it...clearly ;)