See Bayonetta Played With One Hand

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Action title Bayonetta can be played with two hands or one. Convenient!

In the clip below, the game's character designer Mari Shimazaki tests out the one-button automatic mode. "Automatic can be used on Easy and Very Easy difficulties," explains Bayonetta designer Hideki Kamiya, "and leaves the most complex controls up to the CPU."


Use only one hand to press the punch button — and occasionally kick for Torture Attack events — and your other hand to do other things like comb your hair and brush your teeth. Don't think of Bayonetta as merely an action game, think of it as productivity manager.

Very Easy Automatic [Platinum Games]



So why make the player push the button at all in this mode?

I can see why a non-interactive "demo mode" might be cool, since you could actually pay attention to all the cool little details that you miss while you're focused on playing, but why force the player to maintain a certain bpm on one button in order to use it? Seems like unnecessary repetitive stress to me.