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Section 8 Makes With The DLC

The first downloadable content for Section 8 is now live, bringing three new maps and 10 new achievements to TimeGate's first-person shooter in the Seek and Destroy Map Pack.

Four months and change after SouthPeak Games released it, and Section 8 is finally getting a dose of downloadable content. The Seek and Destroy Map Pack features three new maps – Devil's Backbone, Hornet's Nest, and Azure Basin – each playable in Multiplayer and Instant Action modes. Devil's Backbone sees players fighting over an energy plant in New Madrid; Hornet's Nest takes place in a narrow valley on the planet Titan; and Azure Basin features battle in and around a hydroelectric dam atop a mountain plateau. They certainly sound scenic! Hopefully the three maps and extra achievements will be enough to drum up a little online competition in the game, as the server population for Section 8 has never been what you'd call robust.


Seek and Destroy is now available for both the Xbox 360 and PC version of Section 8 for 560 Microsoft points, or $7 for those of you unwilling to divide by 80.

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You know, my friends and I.. about 8 of us all played the beta and loved it.

I came home from work one day to find out that a friend who really doesnt have the money to throw around had gifted the full game to me for my birthday.


Only the day of launch there were 6 servers with a handful of people playing on each listed in the in-game server browser.

A few days later and every single time I've logged in since, there has been -1- server.

There has been one official response to the lack of servers which was basically to tell me that I don't know how to use a server browser.

"Make sure filters are set" etc.

Well yeah, I did that. I have it set to show me EVERYTHING.

Then users suggest putting in specific clan tags to find their servers.

Others suggest using XFire.

I've tried XFire and it is super annoying in my opinion and attempting to use it to find S8 servers has not proven successful.

I could put in clan tags...but that would require that I know one..right?

So I looked it up and it appears everyone is content to play on the same -1- server.

This should mean the server is jam packed all the time, right? Not really.

I tried and tried to find someone to play with. My roommate even went out and bought this game based on our time with the beta and prior to me having these issues.

Since he purchased the game and I received it as a gift we have played exactly -1- game with 3 other people in the server who were just sitting around chatting.

I loved the game, the concept, the art, the style.

After realizing that many, many people were also finding it hard to find active servers and the 1 whole post dedicated to it by the developers ... I have decided to say "eff Section 8 and eff the developers".

I'll never buy anything else they make without seeing a thriving community around it first. That may mean I am responsible for the lack of said community... nothing could make me happier.

I hope this fails and their company goes bankrupt. I hope all the quality employees they have find better jobs with companies that don't abandon a product in every sense other than marketing and producing add-ons while the base game is unplayable for most.

Shattered Horizons was not marketed anywhere near as hard and people are worried to this day about the small size of the community. Yet I log in and find 10-20 servers at the very least no matter the time of day.

Nope. not even going to attempt to log in to the S8 forums to see if it has improved. I was there every day for 2 months.