Secret Of Monkey Island Special Edition Sails To 360?

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Both a mysteriously disappearing German rating and sources close to Adventure Gamers seem to indicate that a special edition of The Secret of Monkey Island is on its way to the Xbox 360.


We first caught wind of this via GamerBytes, who managed to snag a picture of the German listing before it was removed from the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle website. The listing was for The Secret Of Monkey Island - Special Edition, with the system listed as the Xbox 360 and the publisher Activision Blizzard Deutschland GmbH, the European publishing arm for LucasArts.

Adventure game website Adventure Gamers claims that independent sources have already confirmed the existence of the project to them, with a planned revelation during E3 2009 in two weeks.


So what could the special edition tag mean? Is this a completely overhauled HD remake, or just the original title stretched and filtered? Will it be an Xbox Live Arcade title, or a full on Xbox 360 retail release? Does the project even exist?

We've sent out requests for more information to both LucasArts and Microsoft, though if the game is planned as a big E3 reveal, chances we'll get official confirmation before then are slim.

If this turns out not to be a real project, someone needs to get on it immediately. There's a whole generation of gamers who have no idea what game we're talking about, and that needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

Update: As expected, LucasArts doesn't comment on rumors or speculation.

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Freddie DeBoer

Listen, I've been playing PC games since 1985. I promise I'm not one of those people who only likes really old games just to be contrarian; Fallout 3 is in my top-ten list.

But if you've never played this, do. It's my favorite computer game of all time. It really shows what story and personality can do for a video game.