Second Out of the E3 Press Conference Gate: Sony!

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Last week Microsoft surprised many of us with news that one of their twin E3 press conferences would be on the Sunday before the half-week show. Today Sony tells us when they'll be dropping their big news.


Sony's official Save the Date for their press conference tells us that they will be taking over the Shrine Auditorium on Tuesday, June 15 for an 11:30 a.m. event.

E3 2010 officially starts on that Tuesday in Los Angeles, running through Thursday, June 17. The half week show is historically when most of the world's biggest game developers and publishers unveil their next big thing.

With Microsoft and now Sony locking in their big unveil events, it's now left to Nintendo to say when they'll be showing off their goods, including, the 3D 3DS, we suspect.

Kotaku will be at the show, as always, sucking up every bit of news and regurgitating it just for you, like mama birds. Yummy!



Maybe they'll introduce a PS3 Sli......

Oh, wait

Maybe they'll introduce the PSPg.....

Aww, dammit!

Oh, maybe they'll introduce the PlayStation Mov....

....hmm. What else is left?

Ahh, yes! Maybe they will introduce their 3D technology! There we go!