Project Natal "World Premiere" Starts This Year's E3 On A Sunday

Illustration for article titled Project Natal "World Premiere" Starts This Year's E3 On A Sunday

The biggest week of video game news for 2010 is beginning to fill up.

Just two days after Nintendo revealed that its DS successor, the 3DS, will appear during E3 week. That week now begins on Sunday, June 13, with Project Natal.


An Xbox 360 briefing follows. Last year's Microsoft E3 press briefing included debuts of Halo: Reach, Metal Gear Solid Rising, Left 4 Dead 2, Crackdown 2 and Project Natal.

Who knows what will debut this year, though the smartest money says we'll at least know whether Microsoft is going to ditch the "Project Natal" codename it has been using for its hands-free motion-control tech.

The official E3 2010 show starts in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 15 and ends on Thursday, June 17. The three-day E3 event features a show floor full of the biggest video game companies showing their best line-up of upcoming video games for the following year. Traditionally, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo each hold media briefings during the two days prior to the show. It is at those big events, like the Microsoft ones dated today, when the biggest game news tends to hit.

Kotaku will be at E3 2010, of course, covering every second of it.


I'm kinda hoping that they stay with Natal. It's amazing that the "code name" for the project has now, FIRMLY become a recognizable name/thing/brand/event. It's only been a year- but there isn't a gamer on any platform that doesn't know what "Natal" is- "Project-" being slapped in front of it or not. If they go with something else- they're loosing a LOT of press name recognition less than a year before it hits store shelves.