Sealed Box Of Pokémon Cards Sells For $408,000

As the great Nute Gunray once said, this is getting out of hand.


As more and more people realise the value in old Pokémon cards, more and more people are flocking to opportunities to catch, if not them all, then at least once card worth a ton of money.

Which probably explains why (via Polygon), at a recent auction, a sealed box of first edition cards from 1999 sold for $408,000.

That is a lot of money, but as Heritage Auctions points out in their description of the sale, the box may contain a first edition Charizard, and one of those recently went for $350,000 on its own. If this box contains one of those, then it was a good investment! If it doesn’t, well, if you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Pokémon cards, you’ll survive.

I remember I wrote about a first edition box selling at auction in 2018 for $56,000 and thought it was crazy, and that—for many reasons, only some of them Pokémon-related—feels like it was 100 years ago.

Heritage Auctions filmed the bidding, if watching someone spend $408,000 on some Pokémon cards is something you can bear to see.

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That Lamer

Kind of only emphasizing how trading cards are just gambling for children when you get to pay $400k for a CHANCE of receiving a card worth almost as much money.