Sea Of Thieves Gets A Day-One Eyepatch

Screenshot: Darkwizard98 (Reddit)

Someone on the Sea of Thieves subreddit asked Rare for a day one patch. Not, like, an update to fix the game or anything, but a literal patch with the number one on it for people’s characters to wear. Today, the company obliged.

It was 19 days ago that user Jefabell first made the request, writing, “Dear Rare, don’t miss the opportunity to release a ‘Day One Patch’ eye-patch with the game’s Day One Patch.” In addition to the “patch” pun, Sea of Thieves is also a pirate game, the perfect opportunity to poke fun at the recent trend of companies shipping games that are somewhat broken and need big updates right when they’re released in order to work properly. (Although the game’s official release is tomorrow, people who pre-ordered are able to download and start playing today.)


Earlier today, Reddit user Darkwizard98 uploaded a picture of the day one eye-patch for all to see. “A message in a bottle from Jolly Jefabell washed ashore,” reads the item’s description. “Eye patch makers read it and say ‘aye’.” Well played. And here’s what it looks like in action:

Screenshot: Darkwizard98 (Imgur)

The eye-patch only costs one gold piece, so anyone who wants one can get in on the joke, but it’s only available until March 29.

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