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This can-you-stump Scribblenauts game is getting even more absurd. Einstein? Got him. The Kraken? Of course. We were even told they put Crecente in but cut him at the last minute. Still, Keyboard Cat remains.


Because this entire game is a nonsequitur, it needs an establishing sentence. In Scribblenauts (for the DS), you're given a 2D landscape to traverse, and the seemingly limitless ability to conjure persons, animals and instruments to help you get through it, just by typing in the word. This, of course, comes as close to the Vulcan ideal of infinite easter eggs in infinite combinations as possible.

In the following video, Nintendorks even called on God, who frightened off Einsten (because "God does not play dice with the universe," as they helpfully point out). Cute. But the existence of Keyboard Cat and his brother-in-memes Longcat should show just how deep (and warped) the thinking of developer 5th Cell runs.

Joystiq got pics of both kittehs. In fact, the creative director for 5th Cell - not sure what word summons him - can be seen breakdancing to Keyboard Cat's tunes. This game is going to be bizarre.

Play Scribblenauts Off, Keyboard Cat [Joystiq via Offworld]


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