Ngamer has rolled out Scatfest 2008 - "a celebration of all things shonky and cheap" - with reviews of eight titles that Nintendo gamers here can all smugly and securely say, no goddamn way did we ever play, much less buy, these turds. They're all bargain-binners, and come on, who the hell shops there (/stashes copy of Driv3r). Leading the list, unsurprisingly, is Jumper, whose own trailer made it look like a pile of self-regarding dung. So a game adaptation, that'd be like dining on the turd of a turd. Others include Cruis'n, Orbs of Doom, Kawasaki Jet Ski, Monster Trux Arenas, Action Girlz Racing, Myth Makers Super Kart GP and Kidz Sports Ice Hockey. They're all designed to fool clueless aunts and relatives into thinking that's the cool game all the kids want, and giving it to you for your birthday, a development strategy pioneered strategy by Hollywood. "There are plenty of more worthwhile things to push your finger against. Rusty thumb tacks, for example," Ngamer writes. Quite. Scatfest 2008 [NGamer]