To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: So I Started Listening To CDs Again

Do you get Scare Tactics in Japan? Such a great show. Here's the premise:

Someone offers up a friend to the Sci-Fi channel show as a way to get back at them. They're usually in on the scare. The show then puts together an elaborate prank meant to scare the horny-tail frogs out of sucker. This usually involves a temp job and some murderous, fantasy, horror or science-fiction twist.

For instance, in one episode they have the sucker help a pregnant woman. The woman dies in child birth and then a bloody midget, dressed as the devil, popped out of her and starting running around screaming "praise me."

In another episode, the sucker is working at a cloning clinic only to discover that the doctor there was making human clones. The lesson learned: You can mentally scar someone with a bit of planning and two pairs of twins.

I'm always surprised no one gets punched or killed in these shows.

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