Looks like Sony's Kevin Butler character isn't the only ad campaign inspiring an imitator. This new Saw 3D movie poster is a little too close to an older PlayStation 3 spot for comfort. Can you spot the similarities?


I suppose I could just ask "Do you have functioning eyes?"

Saw 3D—the torture slasher horror flick previously known as Saw VII—sports an eye-popping resemblance to one of Sony's old "This Is Living" print ads. MovieWallpapers.net spotted the likeness and called it "interesting." Movie site JoBlo went a bit further in calling it a "blatant rip-off."

The following is a PS3 ad that dates back to 2007. (Click to eyeball at a larger size.)


What do you think? Shocking coincidence or shameless swipe?

Thanks for the heads up, David.

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