Saturday Timewaster: Putty Puzzle

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I don't have time to waste this weekend, sadly, but if you do, there's a challenging little puzzler called Putty Puzzler, found over on the interestingly named 'Coke and Code.' It's putty. It's a puzzle. It's kinda hard. I spent a little bit of time with it and was pleasantly challenged — I'll come back for more after I've got a little time to waste.


Putty Puzzler [Coke and Code via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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Purple Dave

Guh. First of all, I simply started up where I thought I'd left off. Turns out he interspersed the new levels amongst the previous six, so right off the bat I hit one that looked very familiar. I beat _nearly_ every level in short order...except two. Light Speed took me some time because I managed to figure out how to get everything where it needed to be, but it looked like I'd end up with a single block that needed to be moved somewhere, and that's just not possible (I did eventually figure out the trick). The other one is Quickly Confusing, which really takes some hard thinking. Getting the blocks all bunched together is easy, but you have to hit the targets in a fairly specific order. But I got 18 green blocks now!