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Keep this in mind if you're console-shopping on Black Friday. Via Consumerist comes word that Sam's Club, dealt with courteously and calmly, replaced a red-ring-of-death Xbox 360 with a working unit, let the poor guy keep his hard drive so he didn't lose his games and gamesaves, and, since all they had were cheaper bundles, refunded him the difference in cost. And, I might add, did all this without the BS replacement plan that some other big box retailers require for just such a swap. Of course the machine needs to be under warranty (three years for red ring defects, pretty good bet it is) and you should keep your receipts in just such an instance. But if you (or, if it's a gift, whomever gets it) lives near where it was bought, this is loads better than waiting the two weeks to a month to get your refurb unit from Microsoft's brain replacement facility. This doesn't surprise me, actually. I recall my Dad swapping out a defective chainsaw at a Walmart once, no questions asked. He explained that it was more profitable for them to take on the hassle of a defective, warrantied unit, figuring the customer satisfaction benefit would definitely bring them back and result in word-of-mouth recommendation. Which is what's happening here. So, good on Sam's Club. Anyone know of any other retailers who'll do this for free, tell us in the comments. Sam's Club Lets You Swap Out Red-Ringed Xbox Hassle-Free [Consumerist]


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