The monkey lovers over at Sega Mobile have just flung some poo at T-Mobile and AT&T mobile phones with the release of Sambe De Amigo for the mobile phone. It's all the phone of the Sega classic, only without a great deal of the fun! Seriously guys, taking a game famous for its innovative controls and excellent music and then getting rid of both? Not generally a good idea.

“A classic and beloved rhythm music game, Samba de Amigo has had fans shaking for years with its party-like soundtrack, colorful characters and casual yet addictive gameplay,” said Tammy Robinson, Senior Director of Mobile, SEGA of America. “Samba de Amigo is another great example of the fun that can be had on the mobile platform.”


Actually, it's a rather good example of how much better gaming is on the iPhone, but I suppose that wouldn't be a very good marketing blurb, now would it?