Sam Fisher Tweets His Quest For Vengeance

Illustration for article titled Sam Fisher Tweets His Quest For Vengeance

With the NSA's Third Echelon taking the hunt for Sam Fisher to Facebook, the protagonist of Splinter Cell: Conviction turns to the only people he can trust - millions of Twitter users.


Yesterday the Third Echelon commandeered a Facebook page, using it to warn the general populace of one Sam Fisher, an armed and dangerous rogue agent and general threat to national security. Today Fisher turns to Twitter to spread the word of his innocence, because that's something he's sure to be concerned about right now. As we all know, nothing is more important than your internet reputation.

So now Sam Fisher has a Twitter account. While his first couple of posts, which included the picture seen here, have been serious, I can imagine him skulking through the darkened halls of an enemy base, pausing behind a guard to pull out his mobile phone, Tweeting "Totally breaking this guy's neck LOL." Whatever you do, don't Retweet...the notification might give away his position.