Salt and Sanctuary, a darn good 2D Souls-like, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 2nd. Combined with Hollow Knight and Dandara, the Switch is becoming a titan of portable exploration games.

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Obviously opinions differ, but personally I would not mention Hollow Knight and Dandara in the same breath. Hollow Knight is fantastic; enough said. I wanted to like Dandara, but I stopped shortly after beating that first boss and haven’t come back to it. The gameplay is fine. The level design is OK. But neither of those things is great, and therefore the overall lack of polish in the presentation was enough to turn me off.

One small example of bad presentation: when an NPC talks to you, the text appears one letter at a time, like in uh Ace Attorney, for example. Or most modern dialogue-heavy games, really. That’s totally fine. But unlike those other games, when a word in Dandara is too long to fit on the rest of the line, instead of starting on the next line, it starts printing on the first line, and jumps down to the next line only once it no longer fits on the first line. It’s really sloppy.