Saints Row: The Third's Latest Trailer Takes You to Tron-Land with the Deckers

McWhertor told me the other day that when it comes in, I'll be in charge of the review for Saints Row: The Third. Mkay. I suppose I should familiarize myself with this game by watching this trailer. Let's see, we've got gangs, driving sequences, gunplay, cyber-demons with giant swords and Tank Pong from Combat. Nice of Mike to give me the straightforward assignments.

Compelling trailer, but I'm wondering how much of that tour in the Deckers' cyber-net hell whatever-it-is, is actual gameplay and how much is either cutscene or quicktime event. Gun combat on the game grid looks like it's taken from gameplay, at least. Then again, if you can beat up people with giant dildos (dildoes?) why not go toe-to-toe with huge swords?


Saints Row The Third arrives Nov. 15. I've got a lot of catching up to do.

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