Russian Devs Blame Antiseizure Requirements for Crummy Sturmovik

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IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover, bravely carrying the flag for the decimated flight combat genre, has released in Russia where its devoted following is complaining of crippled gameplay and terrible framerate issues. One of the game's developers says anti-seizure controls mandated by Ubisoft, the game's Western publisher, is the culprit.

Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover is due for a March 31 release in the West. 1C, according to this unidentified dev, is required to incorporate technology that analyzes a frame's brightness and if it passes a certain threshold, averages it out with previous frames within a certain span. This apparently slows everything down and makes the game play like crap.

A translation of the remarks misses some idiomatic expressions ("this crap brakes at the ground,") but the sarcasm and frustration are evident. 1C Company, the developer says, is trying to find a way to disable it on the Russian version of the game, assuming that Ubisoft's requirements concern a legal due dilligence applicable in Western Europe and elsewhere.


Still, "It is necessary to assure Yubisoftu and give them a check that off in Russia will not allow Western epileptic somehow disable this thing at home."

Anti-epilepsy Filter? [1C Company Forums, thanks James P.]

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A bit of a tangent here, but there's a particular air combat game I've always wished someone would make.

Generally speaking, the genre divides in two (technically 3, but space combat has utterly died). You've got your World War 2 air combat games, and you've got your modern setting games. There's an enormous amount of aircraft between 1945 and 2005 which are simply never present in games.

What I'd love to see is an Ace Combat-style game, with that same cheesy-epic feel they do so well, that straddling the line between sim and arcade game and the crazy superweapons and so on. That same fantasy-world setting which allows them to set up air conflicts and distribute aircraft designs around without having to worry about pesky reality.

But rather than going for all these modern aircraft designs, I want to see essentially an Ace Combat game with a mid-to-late 1960s tech level. All those crazy cold war aircraft - there was an absolute explosion in aircraft design during that period, but you'd be lucky to see any of them in an air combat game today. Let me start out in a P-80 or something, dogfight the Bizzaro-Russians in an F-104, bomb the Faux-Vietcong in an F-111.