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Rumored Kameo 2 Killed To Make Room For Natal Projects

Illustration for article titled Rumored Kameo 2 Killed To Make Room For Natal Projects

Microsoft owned developer Rare won't be returning to the world of Kameo any time soon, thanks to the studio's shift toward multiple Project Natal titles, according to unnamed sources cited by CVG. Microsoft is reported to have canceled a sequel.


CVG's source "close to the platform holder" says that sales of action-adventure eyesore Kameo: Elements of Power are largely to blame for the decision to stop development on a follow-up. According to NPD data, sales of the original Xbox 360 launch title totaled a little more than 300,000, less than half the sales of launch peer Perfect Dark Zero, so that decision may have been a wise one.

(On the bright side, Kameo: Elements of Power sales over the course of four years outperformed two other Rare titles, Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise and Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.)


But it appears that Microsoft's first-party needs for Project Natal software is taking precedent. Rare is said to be hard at work on a handful of unannounced games for the controller, now under the watchful eye of Microsoft Game Studios creative director Peter Molyneux.

Kameo 2 canned by Microsoft [CVG]

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Sigh, well that's too bad, but still not very suprising considering the amount of hate the game got by both Journalists and Nintendo Fanboys with Sand in their Vaginas.

I had a great time with Kameo, really great time, and that game really didn't deserve all the hate that it got. I mean check this news post itself "action-adventure eyesore". I mean wtf is that about, it hardly was an Eyesore, it was colourfull and cartoony in GFX but hardly an Eyesoar. It also had great music.

But hey who am I, but an old RareWare fanboy, that loved them since the game Gunfright for my MSX computer in the 90s (The game is from the 80's, but I got an MSX computer in the 90's as a child :).). #kameo