Rumor: Syphon Filter 5 in Development?

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Alert reader ____ (yes, that's really his handle) put two and two together, and the answer sounds like Sony Bend is cooking up a Syphon Filter 5.


Here's the reasoning. On Feb. 4, Sony's Bend, Ore. studio posted this job, seeking a game tools programmer. They're looking for someone with experience on the PS3 and the 360, so maybe the gig is for a console release.

Now, couple that with this credit over on PCB Productions, a digital content studio in L.A. (do a search for "Syphon Filter")


Looking through this, their credits are full of misnamed games and projects that went nowhere. But Sony Bend, formerly known as Eidetec, has been the developer behind the entire Syphon Filter series. Their most recent high profile project was Resistance: Retribution, on the PSP. The last three iterations of Syphon Filter - Dark Mirror, Logan's Shadow and Combat Ops - all came out on the PSP, with 2006' Dark Mirror later ported over to the PS2. 2004's Syphon Filter: Omega Strain was the last console-only version.

PCB Production Credits [PCB Productions, thanks ____]


Nightshift Nurse

If it's anything like the two PSP entries (especially Logan's Shadow) then sign me up. I never cared much for the series beyond the original title, but the handheld entries are some damn fine tactical third-person shooters.

It's just a shame Gabe Logan is such a forgettable, cookie-cutter character. Maybe they could let someone else have the spotlight this time?