Rumor: Nintendo Bringing An "Old Franchise" To Wii

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Does Nintendo have an old-school hit readied for a modern day Wii treatment? That's the rumor that Gamekyo (formerly JeuxFrance) is running, pointing to an impending announcement from the company — as in this Thursday. The property is "an old franchise that everyone is waiting for," clearly a thinly veiled reference to Gumshoe, which has Wii Zapper support written all over it. Nintendo has previously been rumored to have sequels to both Punch-Out!! and Kid Icarus in the works. Nice idea, but they're no Gumshoe. We'll know, probably this Thursday, whether this rumor has any basis in reality. Nintendo reviving an old franchise for the Wii [Gamekyo]


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Aw shit, Devil World II, fuck yeah!

Well... look at the evidence:

1. Shiggy loves Pac Man.

2. Shiggy would likely endorse an easy rip off.

3. I don't fucking know, but it's more likely than Gumshoe, dammit.

Personally, I want a new Lolo adventure. Looks like Lala is going to be kidnapped... AGAIN. Hell yes!