Rumor: Konami Following Retro Trend

Good ole rumor-speculation combo, begun by the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly and applied by Wiifanboy. First, EGM in its rumors column of the Sept. 2008 edition, promises that "one of the most beloved (yet overlooked) action-adventure franchises of yore will soon get a surprise retro-revival sequel." OK, that, like, rules out Contra, right ? Because that's anything but overlooked. Said title will also stay true to its 2D roots, says EGM, which knows what's coming but won't name names, except to exclude Bucky O'Hare or Biker Mice from Mars Wiifanboy runs with the ball of speculation, offering some possibilities Konami could be working. I guess my question is, why wouldn't it be Contra? Unless they're thinking after Mega Man 9 and Bionic Commando: Rearmed, people will have exhausted their supply of nostalgia for platform action games. If it's Rush'n Attack I'm gonna choke. Rumor: Konami Trying Its Hand at Retro Revival


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