Rumor has it Brütal Legend is coming to Steam.

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If it's cheap, it's worth getting just to experience the world and story. By now everyone at least knows what they're getting into with the last three fifths of the game, so nobody gets the same "what the hell is going on with all this crappy RTS that doesn't work properly" stuff.

Me, I gave up on the game after the first fight with the Goths. If you go into the game with the right mindset, though, you might just find it playable in the RTS bits. So here's a bit of info from someone who wishes he knew better when he played through it at first: Only use the overhead flying view to give your units VERY SIMPLE orders, because that part of the gameplay simply wasn't designed to be used. Even though the game never tells you, you're meant to take direct control of units all the freaking time, and this is the only way to make them truly effective.

So if you want a special unit to go somewhere and do its thing, you have to do it yourself. All the time. Otherwise you'll be cursing at the crappy pathfinding and crappy order interface, and you'll faff around battles not knowing what's going on until you eventually scrape out a win. And like me, you won't be having fun.

Maybe you'll have fun with the direct-control approach. Me, I'd already given up and stowed the game away when I found out.