Rumor: Controversial Iraq War Game "Finished", Ready For Release

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Six Days In Fallujah, a game based on the Iraq War that Konami thought was too "hot" to publish, has according to IGN been completed, and is ready to be released.

"I can promise you that game is still coming out and it is finished", a source told the video games website, reminding us all of a promising project that had been all but forgotten. It also suggests that developer Atomic Games remains operational in some capacity, despite reports that it had closed down following Konami's refusal to publish the title.


The game caused controversy when first announced, with some believing it was "too soon" to base a game off events in a war that was still ongoing, and that the contribution of "insurgents" in the development process was in poor taste.

Six Days in Fallujah Finished, Still Coming Out [IGN]

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I didn't really care about the controversy behind this game until I actually participated in a discussion about it during a class on intercultural relations.

It was pretty hard for me (as a gamer) to understand why this game might offend some people because isn't it in fact just a game? One of my classmates enlightened me on the other perspective when she mentioned that her two brothers had been killed in Iraq and she found it to be an inappropriate source of material to make entertainment out of. This changed my perspective on the issue significantly. Games are a rapidly expanding medium and should note that their content has significant power to produce positive and negative messages.

After hearing how badly a game like this could offend someone in real life, I hope that it is going to be produced with some sensitivity towards the subject matter.