Rumor: Brutal Legend Wii, Battlefront III & LEGO Indy 2

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A Go Nintendo reader - from the retail sector by the looks of it, given the breadth of tips - has come forward with loads of new information on EA & Activision's 2009 lineup.

Details are scarce beyond some brief listings, so we'll move straight into those. Note that there are some Lucasarts games in there, we're guessing because in many PAL territories Activision handle Lucasarts distribution and PR.

Here's the new info (ie stuff we didn't already know):

- Brutal Legend is coming to the Wii

- Activision's DJ Hero is tentatively scheduled to appear in July, though may well slip


- The DJ Hero peripheral features three coloured buttons, a turntable and a fader

- A second LEGO Indiana Jones game will be out before Christmas

- Activision will release a new Guitar Hero song pack around the holiday season

- Star Wars: Battlefront III is still alive, but probably won't be out until 2010

Of course, none of this is confirmed. And even were you to be convinced of its legitimacy, as we know, the information given to retailers in February and what actually transpires in November may be two completely different things.

But it's certainly enough to chew on for a little while, no?

RUMOR: EA and Activision news - Brutal Legend coming to Wii, MySims Special Agents, DJ Hero this Summer, news on Guitar Hero, Battlefield…and MUCH more? [Go Nintendo]

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A.J. Patel

Personally, I hope if EA insists on making the sure to be cheap imitation of the 360/PS3 version of Brutal Legend for the Wii that they pick up dev duty instead of having Double Fine divert resources and concentration from making the 360/PS3 version the best game possible.