Rumor: $199 Xbox with Motion Controller on the Way

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Xbox 360 Fanboy, citing "a tip from a source close to Microsoft's marketing department," says the price cut to $199 for the Arcade system is meant to position that bundle against the Wii. So it'll get a huge family-friendly marketing push and title support. And in the fall, it gets a motion controller with some motion-controlled mini-games developed by Rare. Again, according to this rumor (by the time I'm repeating it to you, it's fourth-hand) the controller will be sold separately and will be compatible with all versions of the 360 console. Reading the story, it sounds like you would get the controller plus an even larger list of mini-games if you buy it separately. The new products are set to drop Holiday 2008, says Xbox 360 Fanboy. We shall see. Rumor: New $199 360 SKU With Motion Controller [Xbox 360 Fanboy]


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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@PapaBear434:The issue with this is.

1-Newton or whatever the hell the 360's motion controller is, is not going to be a pack in without factoring in the cost. So how are they gonna sell it for $199?

2-Whatever game they develop to work with it also has to be factored in. The last thing they can do is sell a Wii clone at a loss because it's not going to impact the Wii adoption rate that much.

3-Almost every single game uses the Wiimote. You can say "Waggle and Gimmick" all you want, but the Wiimote has a 99.5% support rate. Can you say that about Newton? That fact won't be lost on customers.

@LittleBigPlaneteer:Avatars are Mii like to a point, but unlike Miis, they can not be used in games. Limited as the Mii support in games is, it's there and in the most highly played 'causal' games too.

@amorphis:Fragmented user base and add ons of this nature, this late in the systems' life span will only see a limited adoption rate.

@e-friend:The money's not in the hardcore gamer market. This has been stated, restated and whatnot time and time again. Kaz wants causal pie as much as Microsoft does.

@CCCombobreaker:Go back and re-read what you post. See how completely witless it is. Then go stand in the hall with two buckets of water and think of what you've done, young man. I expect you to use your brain next time before posting.

@e-friend:Last time I checked, the 360 did not support Bluetooth on any level. Even the 360 controllers are a custom RF signal. So any motion controller will likely be the same thing.

@Spartan1308™:Microsoft's goal is a set top media box that you put all sorts of MS provided media into and out the other end is millions, if not billions of dollars piped right to Microsoft HQ. Gaming is just a means to the end, same with Sony.

@jonathan:The Wii Shop channel last time figures were provided had brought in 50 million dollars to Nintendo and those figures were given roughly about 6-7 months after the Wii launched. Also almost all of the first party Nintendo games, even the pain in the ass Brawl have a huge number of people playing online. So yes, people are using the online features of the Wii.

What people seem to be missing here is this isn't so much to kill off the Wii because that's simply not happening, nor is this to kill off the PS2. This, if anything is Microsoft making a huge push to expand it's system install base and slow down the PS3 advance and if done well, will work very well in their favor, resulting in the PS2 losing ground and slipping firmly into third place.

Most folks who want a Wii already have one or are going to get one anyway, regardless of a system at the same price point or below on the market. Microsoft knows they can not beat the Wii head on to head on, more so with the stigma of RROD hanging over them. This is more a move to push Wii60 then anything else and leave the PS3 out in the cold.

One reason Sixaxis is sneered at is because not all games support it and the ones that do, it's not very good, save for one or two titles. But at least it's built into the controller and does not need you to buy a whole other controller in order to use it.

Newton..or whatever the rumored Microsoft controller is does not have that going for it at all.