Rookies Won't Appear in NBA 2K12 Until the Lockout is Over

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Interesting tidbit surfaced from a hands-on post about NBA 2K12 over at Operation Sports: None of the rookies taken in the NBA Draft will appear in the game until the league resolves its labor dispute with the players' union.


Once the lockout is over, whenever it's over, 2K Sports will publish a roster update that will contain all new players, and promised that commentary are all ready to accommodate them once that update is published. Still, it's unfortunate, and it sounds like they're barred from doing something under the terms of either their license with the NBAPA or the NBA.

No other active players are affected. Kotaku contacted a 2K Sports representative for clarification or comment but had not heard back at publication time.


Had it extended past Madden NFL 12's release date, the NFL lockout would not have caused the same kind of program for that game. EA Sports made it clear from the beginning that all professionals, including rookies, would be available in the game regardless of the labor dispute.

While it's another detail that justifies NBA 2K12's strong focus on the game's glory days with "NBA's Greatest," if it had to happen this was the year for it. The 2011 NBA Draft was one of the least compelling ever. Duke freshman Kyrie Irving was the No. 1 pick despite a college career spanning all of 11 games, due to injury. Five other first-round picks, including he fifth, sixth and seventh, came from overseas leagues. While time will tell how good these guys really are, at the time it was staged the first round was one of the least recognizable in recent memory.

(Ronnie Singh (above) is not one of the draft selections. He's the 2K Sports social media guru and community manager. That's a shot from NBA 2K12's new "My Player" mode.)

NBA 2K12 Impressions, Q&A [Operation Sports via Pasta Padre]

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I hope the lockout never ends... the NBA has become the home of nothing but selfish, ghetto thugs that care nothing about the W or the L that they get at the end of the night. And then they top it all off with damn sequined, sparkly all star jerseys in the all star game... it's like they are TRYING to become irrelevant. The coaches have no power anymore. The players do whatever they want... it's sick. I miss the days of Chuck Daley, Pat Riley, and Phil J. back when Phil J wasn't banging the owner's daughter.

The NBA is a joke anymore. Thank God football is here again... I hope to Christ the NBA lockout never ends so I can enjoy an hour of sportscenter during the winter this year.