Ronda Rousey Just Killed Wrestlemania Wearing A Dragon Ball Z Shirt

As you're probably no doubt aware, Wrestlemania is currently happening right now. Like, right this second. So there's still time for the show to top its best moment, but how can you beat this? Ronda Rousey just made an appearance with The Rock and basically cleaned shop whilst wearing a Dragon Ball Z t-shirt. How can you beat that?


As if Ronda couldn't endear herself more? We're talking about a woman who used to moderate a Pokemon forum, who now spends her training downtime playing World of Warcraft. She's also a massive Dragon Ball Z fan?


Yep, Ronda Rousey is amazing.

FanSided has a handful of cool GIFs of the moment as it happened.

I love mixed martial arts almost as much as I love video games, and I've been a massive wrestling fan for decades — to the point where I wrote my Master's Thesis on pro wrestling. So I can't over-estimate how much of a thrill it is to watch all of my favourite things culminate into one, completely bizarre moment.

It's also been amazing to watch Ronda Rousey evolve into a genuine mainstream superstar. This is so, so cool.

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That's pretty dang cool right there. But honestly, I wish quality women like Rousey would stay away from WWE until they get their shit together. We all know they treat women like crap. The Diva Division has been a joke since... always. And as great as the occasional outlier is - AJ & Paige currently, and women like Trish Stratus and Lita in the past - that's just what they always have been; outliers. Don't even mention people like Natalya or Gail Kim who are used to negative effect yet incredibly talented.

I mean, for all of them, having Rousey steal the spotlight and look awesome is a huge slap in the face. Even more than being thrust in deadend "feuds", having to listen to Bellas, putting up with WWE Divas cameras and E! producers trolling around the halls, being forced to fight midgets in bull costumes (sorry Nattie), never getting a speaking part and only coming out to be some guest hosts' arm-candy (sorry Gail Kim), etc. Their treatmen of women is a mess, and offensive. I mean, they actually gave Natalya a storyline where she farted at inappropriate times - Natalya, of the Hart Wrestling "Dynasty", who can steal a show if anyone lets her. And don't they have Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's daughter, Tamina, on the roster too? They don't even USE her. And let's not forget, they drove Mickie James out of the company because of that horrid storyline where she was basically mocked by "the pretty girls" on the roster for "being fat". Mickie James, who looks like this:

The WWE actively seem to hate women, the more you look at it.

I mean, Rousey is freakin' great. That's why she shouldn't show up to a place like the WWE. I'm sure she's just there because her and Dwayne Johnson are friends from being in Furious 7 (which is even cooler; imagining them hanging out together :D )