Ron Jeremy: Games a "Bigger Negative Influence" than Porn

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The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is the other big show in Vegas this weekend. At a CES 2010 panel debate, porn pioneer Ron Jeremy took on an anti-porn activist and threw games under the bus to make a point.


Jeremy, who has the most improbable physique (not to mention amount of backhair) for a guy who's nailed so many hot women, insisted that the porn industry doesn't target or market to those under 18. Sounds familiar. "We don't want kids to watch porn," he said.

But if they see some titty or dong, hey, it could be worse, says the Hedgehog. They could be playing violent video games. "[Studies have] found that violent video games are much bigger a negative influence on kids," he said, according to PC Magazine.

Such as Fairytale Fights? The M-rated tragedy for which Jeremy and a couple other pornstars filmed promotional videos?

Maybe in a whole-numbers sense Jeremy's comment could be accurate, but I guess that would depend on violent video games being consumed by minors in numbers greater than porn. And honestly, I'm not too sure about that. So [citation needed], Ron.

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Considering this site is full of young males I know I will be subjected to a lot of wrath but truth be old pornography is a plague of society. It's complete filth with no redeeming features. I see nothing edifying or positive about watching women being degrading and dehumanized for sexual pleasure. And what's really sad and scary it is easily accessible to everybody especially children.

Watching it distorts one's view of women, sexuality and sex. I mean really, watching women taking reproductive fluids to their mouths and face is not good for your psyche (and theirs).

Sex ought to be about love and way to symbolize unity between two lovers for the rest of their lives.

Sorry, I just have strong sentiments about this.