Roman Politicians Allowed To Game During Meetings

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Rome. The Eternal City. Its elected leaders are the inheritors of a millennia-old tradition forming the basis of modern municipal and state government. Yet where senators once debated inside the august walls of the Curia, now city councillors play video games.


Laptops are issued to town hall bosses, pre-loaded with video games, says Metro of the U.K. (in a report on dubious city council activities in its own country.) This isn't insinuated. A direct quote attributed to Rome's mayor says the machines are issued for just that purpose.

"Each councillor can amuse himself and defeat stress during our long, hard meetings," said mayor Gianni Alemanno.


Do they play with the volume muted or on? Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your earbuds!

Rome Politicians Can Game During Council Meetings [Game Politics]

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As an Italian and a Roman, I feel ashamed.

And reading that Alemanno considers the city council's meetings long and hard, I feel angry.

They need to go and work in a factory or in a tomato field for a while to learn what a really long and hard work is.