From Weasel News to Maibatsu, Tw@ to Logger Beer and, of course, the Degenetron, Grand Theft Auto's games are well known for delivering a pitch-perfect satire of the times in which they are set. The registration of five zany Web site names by Take-Two can only be for a Grand Theft Auto game, and they suggest a setting that deals with the current economic downturn.

The sites are,, and Those are pretty clearly ripping on Cash4Gold, TheLadders (or name any employment listing web site), the obnoxious debt relief ads choking the life out of sports radio right now, and LifeLock. (Not sure what HammersteinFaust is. A law firm? A Hammacher Schlemmer-style tacky catalog?)

The sites all were registered Jan. 26 except LifeInvader, registered Jan. 7. Rockstar is well known for making viral marketing campaigns out of its in-game satire products and ad spots. It's evidence of nothing, but it's worth a chuckle, and hints at the context for the next GTA installment.

Take-Two Interactive Registers New Domains – Possibly To Do With GTA V [RipTen. Image via; not official]

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