Rockstar: Sony's PS4 GTA V Tweet Was Just A Typo [UPDATE]

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Today, Sony stirred up some speculation by tweeting about GTA V coming to PlayStation 4. But Rockstar Games tells us that was just a typo.

Anyone who's seen the impressive videos and screenshots of September's Grand Theft Auto V has probably wondered if the game will come to next-gen consoles. Rockstar, however, has talked only about Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. So you can imagine our surprise to see this tweet from Sony's UK Twitter feed:


That tweet, spotted by NeoGAF, comes as a response to a player who mentioned being excited about what he calls "GTA 5 MIAMI" being on the PlayStation 4… a console for which the actual game GTA V hasn't been announced. Sony UK's response seems to suggest that the game will be on PS4. Which, of course, did sort of seem like a typo, though the Sony Twitter account has also been retweeting the guy's excitement about the GTA V on PS4.

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We reached out to Rockstar and Sony to ask what the story was. A Rockstar spokesperson told us that the tweet is a typo and pointed out that the Sony UK Twitter account isn't directly related to Sony's PlayStation division. (They tweet at @PlayStationEU.) We've yet to hear back from Sony, but we'll update this article when we do.

Update: Sony has confirmed the typo and apologized on Twitter:


Original post follows.

While next-gen versions of GTA V—likely to be one of the biggest games of the year—seem probable, this would have been a very peculiar way for the news to get out, particularly because a next-gen announcement this early would likely take a bite out of current-gen preorders of the game.


It's been a heck of a few days for Sony and GTA V—this all comes shortly after the pre-load PlayStation 3 version of the game was hacked, resulting in a number of spoilers and music playlists hitting the web. (Sony has since acknowledged the leak and apologized.)

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I just don't see GTA V coming to next-gen, outside of a marketplace port version. There are several reasons why (you can check out my various earlier posts on the subject if you care to do so), but I think the biggest indicator is the GTA Online roll-out. Unless there is some plan to release ONLY the online portion on next-gen (which would cannibalize the online user base, but whatever), the fact that the game releases in September and then waits 2 weeks to unlock the online version is a big signal.

Rockstar is obviously working to build their online community in GTA by offering updates and an ever-expanding world. Why would they, in essence, force the player to choose between the world they've already been living in for a month on current-gen and a half and a new one that costs another $60? It's almost like releasing an MMO, and then a month later releasing a newer/better version of the same MMO.